Tree removal is our specialty. Whether it’s a dead tree or any tree effecting home, property, or utilities, we can safely and quickly remove it. Oakland Tree Service also specializes in removing large dangerous trees that most companies decline. We have been referred to customers by several competitors when a dangerous tree requires special expertise and equipment such as a crane. You can see examples of this in our photo gallery.


Our team is trained to safely and efficiently trim any species of tree or bush. A number of local cities, associations, and businesses has used Oakland Tree Service to improve the safety and beautify trees and bushes on their streets and properties. We also trim back troublesome limbs over homes, properties and utility lines. No one has a better eye for bringing out the beauty in trees and bushes than our team as seen by the many positive customer reviews we see weekly. Give us a call if you want your trees and bushes looking their best.


Stumps are not only unsightly but can be especially troublesome to grass mowing as well as an injury hazard. We have a variety of machines capable of getting through the smallest gates to large machines that can easily grind out 6ft diameter stumps. Give us a call for any stump grinding needs that you may have.

And, we do so much more! From hedging to cabling trees for growth adjustment and beyond, we handle all things tree related. If you have a need, give us a call and we’ll come out and provide you with a FREE estimate. Our crew is reliable, professional and courteous. You won’t regret choosing us for your tree service needs. Take a look through our photo gallery and see what it looks like to have us on the job.

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